Vegan diet for cats? Still a controversy

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btmao and I are vegetarian for moral reasons. We don’t label ourselves vegan because really here in Singapore, the high standards of veganism is not easily achieved, and is a bit beyond us at this point in time.

We do try to reach for it, and herein lie a dilemma of catastrophic proportions: Do we feed the mobs veggie diets too? The question, for us, is not whether we should impose our beliefs on them, but whether there’s any health risks in conscripting them cats into veg-hood.

To date, it’s still a rather very controversial topic, as this discussion on the Animal Voices site show.

I guess, until the dust settle, we’ll not risk their health over our beliefs, and so the mobs will continue their carnivorous ways.

Regardless, please educate yourself about problems with most commercial pet food: Hey, what’s that in my food dish??

(Created: 24 May 06)


One response to “Vegan diet for cats? Still a controversy

  1. Animal liberation is impossible without the total abolition of animal agriculture, but some currently existing animals are not vegetarian, let alone vegan. What should we do, and in what time frame?

    See how my BVA Vegan Toastmasters group in Boston addresses this topic:

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