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Bunny is a 6 month old black female with a white bib under her chin. Very affectionate. Put up for adoption on 24 Mar 08. Adopted 30 Mar 08.

Homebound Bunny

Great news, Bunny has gone home to a nice couple from the UK.


Maybe some of Anita’s luck has rubbed off on her. Her adoption profile was barely up when when the enquiry came in, and the couple visited the same weekend and there she goes!

We’re just absolutely happy for this sweety who would probably face a prolonged silent run on the board otherwise. Her new parents are shocked to learn that black cats often languish on the board, and were in fact anxious that she might be adopted out before they got a chance to meet her.

As they are from the UK where it is common to allow pet cats to free-range, one of the conditions for adoption was that she continue to be kept as a strictly indoors-only cat when they return home. This is because Bunny is young, totally trusting and is not street-smart at all.


Foster Mum’s homeseeker: Bunny

UPDATE 30 Mar 08: Bunny adopted. Please do consider other kitties who are looking for homes.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

I’m Bunny the hoppity kitty who loves hopping into laps. I’m bunny-cute, with a white bib right under my chin. I’m a super affectionate girl, 6 months young, sterilised, vaccinated and toilet-trained. Can I try out your lap?

Vid: Bunny the super affectionate kitty



Have you read our must-read: Cat care refs?

If you have and are ready for the commitment, please email with the following:

  • your name
  • contact
  • a summary of your background and experience with cats

Serious adopters only, please. All info will be treated in confidence and forwarded to Bunny’s guardian.

UPDATE 30 Mar 08: Bunny adopted. Please do consider other kitties who are looking for homes.