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Child of Angel, adopted with Ariel

Visit! Asher (of the drains)

Yesterday, after we visited Mandy, we did something that was LONG overdue, follow-up on Asher, who was adopted by VZ on Jan 24 06.

He looked like this then, but bigger:

He was adopted together with Ariel, the littlest lion:

Yesterday, when we caught glimpses of Asher, we hardly recognised him – he has grown remarkably. Well, we only caught glimpses because he was so shy. But for a tweenager less than a year old (he was a late November/early Decemober 05 baby), he is really large. We couldn’t take pictures – there was no opportunities, even though we stayed a full hour. We did get to know his “sister”, Jill, a locally-bred Norwegian Forest cat a bit older than him. We also met Gus, who’s a 5 year old westie, and Cab, who’s a very handsome and LARGE labrador, showing all the grandeur of his nine years.

Gus and Cab were gracious hosts, and sat with us as we chatted with V and learnt about Asher’s idyllic lifestyle. We even managed to touch Jill. Looking at her, we can’t help but think that Kheilly has Norwegian Forest cat in his blood:

But the elusive star of the visit remained out of sight for the most part. Perhaps we’ll arrange a 2nd visit later, and this time get pictures of everybody.

Asher shares a very large garden with Jill, Gus and Cab. It’s a great way of life, and we’re happy to see he has the run of such spacious grounds.

Unfortunately, dear little Ariel does not share this fantastic life with Asher. On 26 Jan, two days after V brought them home, Ariel passed on. Asher was also sick, but clearly survived and thrived.

We were not surprised at the outcome – Asher had been the largest and healthiest kitt in Angel’s litter. We were rooting for Ariel though – he was such a cool little dude, always surveying his littlest kingdom on Mount Angel.

But what was heartwarming was V’s stance. We felt gratified, and we are (still) grateful to V for taking on full responsibility for the kitts, and getting the kitts medical attention asap when they started getting sick the next day they were home, on the 25th. It was very nice of her to stick it through with the kitts and keep Asher. I’m making special mention of this, because Foster Mum has countless jaded stories of how adopters return cats at the merest sign of illness or ask for help with medical bills and attention, sometimes months after adoption. Some even wait for Foster Mum to go to their homes, to get the cat and send him/her to the vet, and do whatever’s necessary!

These stories can make one very very weary, because you’d wonder at the mentality of adopters who can’t seem to suck it up and BE RESPONSIBLE.

It is also stressful and a financial strain for fosters and guardians, because it’s almost like you’re merely getting alternative foster arrangements for the cats, not get them permanent, loving homes. Adopting out to such people also ties fosters and guardians’ hands financially, because having to continually be there to help adopters with the cats’ medical needs means we can’t help more cats. It is something that troubles us a lot.

But back to topic. Like Austen and Aaren, Asher has found a good home. At least I’ve not failed Angel entirely.

Asher’s family photos, at Foster Mum’s.


Home visit: Austen n Aaren

Earlier this evening, we finally made it to Austen and Aaren’s, or as they’re now known: Itchy and Scratchy.

They’re part of the Angel Triumvate, the lucky kitts of Angel who’ve survived, and thrived.

The girls have a big garden to run in, and two large labradors for company. They looked fine, and of course much larger than the 2 month babies we remembered them as. Still, they’re very slight and slender, as expected of 10-11 month olds(?) Aaren, it seems, has been making full use of the garden, and is a champion bug-buster. As cats are wont to, she would also bring in the occassional bonus of feathered beings. Apparently, the maids find the macabre offerings a tad disturbing, but they’ve not stopped Aaren from being herself, which is nice of them, good for Aaren, and of course, baaaaaaaad news for the garden denizens.

Amazingly, the girls have swapped personalities. Austen used to be the shy reticent one, and Aaren the bold outgoing affectionate one. About the time they were adopted, they became each other, and thus polar opposite of their own initial persona. But it is not that surprising. Kittens are young, impressionable, and malleable. That’s why I would advice potential adopters to consider grown cats if they do not have time to spend moulding the babies, and/or do not like the idea of having to adapt to varying behaviour(s) in the same kitten/cat over time.

But that’s another story. Austen and Aaren look well, and that’s all that matters.

As their ‘mum’ is not net-savvy, I also took the opportunity to bring along a printout of Hey, what’s that in my food dish?? and the pertinent links (What is Fido really eating, What’s Really in Pet Food), to reinforce the points we’ve previously discussed about food.

We also had a good chat, despite being there all of 45 mins. All in all, we’re happy, and we think their ‘mum’ is also happy that we’re not crazy nazi-fosters. I still have some misgivings – but I do hope they’re just personal bias.

We had planned to visit Asher, their litter-mate, as well, but well, plans change. We’re gunning for the Deepavali holiday to visit him and Mandy, as they’re both in the same locality.

Angel’s babies hold the record for the longest interval between adoption and follow-up visit. I do aim to rectify their status before they hit their first year birthday! Erm, embarrassingly, Sara/Mocha is a very close second.