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Clannies area, human inhabited, and also next to cat minion homebase

Pierre may lose his eye…

… but it won’t be the end of the world as NIC, left in pic with best pal Jurgen, a doubly blind old bear rescued from the cruel bear bile farms of China show. Both NIC and Jurgen are of course in the safekeeping of animalsasia


It does seem that, in a month’s time, Pierre will most likely lose his right eye:

Vet Visit on 10 April 2010

Bui Bui has been to Dr Heng this afternoon. We were happy to hear that his left eye’s water pressure is under control. Unfortunately, the eyesight from his right is not looking good. He could be blind in the right eye. Dr Heng has kept trying to test his response from his right eye, but sad to know that there is no response at all. Dr Heng has decided to give him a final chance before removing his right eye. Bui Bui has been given some eye drops for a month. His right eye will need to be removed if there is still no response at the next visit which is one month away.

A gentle reminder that Pierre (and his friends in the existing colony of 8, especially Pumpkin) needs help and would still like to have a home:


Appeal for Homeless Pierre: going blind and needing a home

Remember Pierre, tec honorary clan member in Area3?

He has been in foster care since early March in a home in Area2. A, his caregiver from Area 2, is spearheading the efforts to care for him.

The sad thing for Pierre is that he is going blind and his home is being destroyed. So he needs medical help and he needs a forever home. While they are trying their best, A and her friends who are kitty caregivers in area2 are struggling to keep up with the financial cost of supporting him – they need help with his medical bills as their individual financial situations are not fantastic, and they still have the resident colony of 8 to care for.

Us minions have helped to set up and start a blog to help appeal for help and to highlight Pierre’s need for a home, and to assist with managing his blog and his online appeal. (Not much else we can do to help as we’re also strapped, what with the slackers’ lengthening string of medical bills since last year and the ongoing upkeep of our lot at Foster Mum’s.)

Please go to Pierre the Singapore homeless cat needs help, blog url: to read about his story and his current status. Please do help Pierre by spreading the word on his need. Thank you very much!

Pierre’s adoption notice submitted to the Cat Welfare Society’s adoption board on 12 Apr 10.


Pierre is the sweetest homeless cat ever! He behaves as if he’s been a homecat who has only known TLC all his life.

But he is now really in need of a home as he is losing his sight. He is about 8 years old and is otherwise healthy.

His caregivers are valiantly trying to give him the medical attention and love he needs, but their finances are limited and they still have a colony of 8 to care for. So they are appealing for a loving and accommodating family to adopt Pierre.
Pierre’s new family will have to take over both his daily needs and his medical requirements as well.

Genuine adopters willing to accommodate the special needs of sight-impaired cats who may potentially go blind only please.

Please visit Pierre’s blog at to read his story and know him better.

Pierre_20100330_007y Pierre_20100330_016y Pierre_20100330_019y Pierre_20100330_010y

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

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Area3: Pierre, honorary clan member

Meet Pierre.

He is a community cat whose home range abuts Marty and Henna’s tuft. Like them, he’s been around since before or during SARS.

His home consists of a plaza where members of the public sit and chat. He’s actually a very popular fixture and often sits quietly by chatting couples or groups of friends in the evening. As they chat, people who stroke or pet him, and he enjoys the attention, though he won’t demand it. He’s friendliness and politeness personified. Still we believe that he did not survive this long by being oblivious. He’s hardly ever sighted in the daytime and we notice that once he’s had food, he will hide in the bushes that line the plaza perimeter.

Because of the very high traffic volume of his home, we don’t stick around, to avoid attracting the wrong type of attention to him. So we do not have photos of him, until this encounter when we had a camera good enough to take some viewable pictures.

There used to be another 2 or 3 other cats sharing his home, likely his family as they are tabby white like him. They are all sterilised (but not by us minions). But we’ve not sighted them for a long time. The most recent news we heard from A is that a resident, a very cute and dainty tabby female was found dead nearby, either because of road accident or pesticide.


We don’t feed Pierrie as he’s obviously got his supply line down pat. As it turns out, one of his supplier is A from Area2.

PS: for the curious, he was named Pierre as us minions were going on to names starting with P for the new males appearing in Area 3 at the time. Pierre seemed to suit him as he had an air of an elegant romantic despite being the constant pain in Marty’s side during pasar malams. He has always loved people and was such a gentleman with humans even though he and Marty probably would love to kick the other one 10,000 miles from the area.

Area2: Robby

This is the nearest to a viewable picture I managed of Robby, the cat we first encountered while trying to get Brina’s family de-mojoed.


We’ve not sighted him since. The probable reason is he’s a free-ranging virile male just like Stanley was. But I’m tagging him as an area2 cat for convenience. We expect he’ll make guest appearances until we can pin down his schedule and his mojo thereafter.

We named him Robby due to his striking resemblance to Bobby, down to the white diamond adorning the nose of their tabby-masked faces.

Area2: Jet the semi pet cat

Meet Jet, whom we mentioned here, he whose mojo was removed by his owners who took the perpetrator of Area’s disappointing state of things seriously.


These were taken in Brina’s tuft in January, when his mojo was still newly robbed. We’ve sighted him far from home, for a sterilised cat, a few times since. But in the last month, he seemed to have settled down and no longer haunts Brina’s tuft. Yay for sterilisation!


Area2: New cat of the week

This happened on 1 Apr… unfortunately it’s no joke.

A alerted btmao that a new cat was sighted around the territory of Brina’s family. The next night it seemed she was sighted around Saba’s home. The new girl was apparently running after people and meowing frantically.. She was also walloped by the now de-mojoed Saba, after which she was spotted running across the road to Area1 after Saba’s attack.

Apparently, Sue, Saba’s part-time owner told A the new girl may be a child of Saba’s that she had given away. Oh, the cheek!

For btmao and me, we’ve no luck sighting the poor girl, either in Area1 or Area2. The frustration is sometimes unbearable.

Last week it was Jenny, this week it’s a child of Saba. I hope it doesn’t get to be a trend.

Area2: Update on Jenny

A has brought Jenny home for temporary fostering until more permanent arrangements can be made for her, as Brina and her sons seemed ready to run her off, and she instinctively wants to return to the carpark, where Benji’s feeder has seen her last night too. A can’t foster her for long as her home is not cat-proofed.



A and D also met the RC committee member we got to know on the night of the now MIA Brielle’s trapping. He told them he saw a Chinese couple loitering around late night on Monday with a carrier like he had seen us do. D mentioned when she first saw Jenny last night, she also noticed food scattered around.


Were the couple trying to find a lost pet or were they pet dumpers trying to redeem themselves after the fact? We may never know that, but what’s for sure is that Jenny feels absolutely nothing for people but affectionate and trust.