robbing kitty mojos and serving kitty meals since 1999

At the beck and call of the almighty Clan are the two-legged furless minions. Minions don’t get paid, but have to work jobs, aka go into voluntary supplementary servitude, and finance the clannies‘ needs, from dinner supplies to boarding for the ones needing new homes. Our mojo-robbery began with Charlotte, and we’ve not been able to stop since. Before Charlotte, there were of course… the slackers.

This blog was started on 17 March 2006 with the intention of promoting the ones needing new homes. The inspiration and focus were to be pure streetcats Rheilly and her son, Kheilly, whom we’ve decided to induct into slackerdom. Be forewarned though, minions tend to stray a bit, so tec blog posts may not all be about the kitties only. In fact, we don’t even keep it to Singaporean blogging. Call it a fidelity issue, but us minions are afflicted with chronic can’t-keep-head-in-cats-and-own-business-only-titis.

Our motto? Think Global, Act Local.

Minion headcount: 2

Minion 1: btmao

btmao is the dinner-service (alfresco division) minion, and the one with the daily early-wakeup drill.

Committed to bringing the clannies their brekkies and dindins, 7 days a week for the Clan (except when she can’t resurrect herself early enough, heavy downpours, illnesses and injuries), btmao‘s job entails the anticipation of changing tastes and whimsies, and therefore requires the juggling of numerous canned food flavours.

btmao is not on call 24/7 because of commitments to the compulsorised supplementary servitude, which requires non-minionly labour 5 days out of every 7. btmao bravely lugs a huge sportsbag through the daily commute on the public transport system to service this supplemental slavery to ensure both clannies and slave-drivers are happy. This is due to tie-ins of performance bonus payouts.

btmao was expected, as part of her portfolio, to write daily minion reports through this blog. However, she has failed thus far to even log on. This will be reflected in her performance appraisal.

Minion 2: calsifer

calsifer is the pencil-pushing minion aka adoption process administrator, blog ranter, word junkie, and is on permanent secondment to the dinner-service division (indoor dining section only). Like btmao, calsifer is also afflicted with the compulsorised supplementary servitude, with its attendant inconveniences to the clannies. Because of btmao‘s non-participation, calsifer has been blogging on her behalf, much like Galaxy Quest‘s non-job Lt Madison repeating Computer, an extraneous but essential non-entity.

Despite unsatisfactory progress on this blog and the non-work on singaporeanimalcruelty blog, calsifer is foolhardy and is still trying to sneak time to maintain a personal blog. This will also be reflected in her performance appraisal.

EDIT (10 Dec 06): calsifer is desperately seeking to bail on the current compulsorised supplementary servitude. Anyone has ideas or oppportunities in human resource info systems, compensation, or alternative servitudes like writing or bumming, please do let calsifer know.


22 responses to “minions

  1. Kat the cat-crazy American

    Hello Cat Minions! It was wonderful meeting both of you yesterday (Wednesday). To know about the extraordinary work that you do for those sweet feline friends made me smile all night. And undoubtedly you make those kitties smile after their bellies are full and their heads are scratched.

    Hoping to bump into you again soon!


  2. Kat the cat-crazy American

    hee hee, I just found something else that we have in common… *NOT* GW bush fans!

  3. Hello, Kat!
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Another thing in common? And a peeve this time… what a coincidence 🙂

  4. Hi there, I saw your comment on on Rosli Mansor. I’m his manager and I like to ask if you and your sisters happened to be his students last time?

  5. By the way, thanks for supporting Rosli and his music. You can check out his news @ 🙂

  6. Hi LateBloomer,
    Yes, we were. A long long time ago… us 3 sisters always took successive time slots for his class, on weekends.

    I think we depressed him a lot back then. Not that we’re any less depressive right now. 😛

  7. Hi calsifer,

    Mind if you drop me an email with your contact at Rosli has been hoping to catch up with you gals since the launch of his album. 😉

  8. Hi LateBloomer,

    Rosli better have his anti-depressants ready 😛

  9. hehe…go ahead and make his day! do visit Rosli’s myspace page at for updates on his music. 😉

    He’s been trying to contact you sisters at this number (last four digits 0478) since last year while preparing for his album but to no avail. So he hopes to touch base with you ladies again.

    I think he misses being depressed by you ladies. haha….

  10. Haha… that number’s older than old liao. 😛

    Good to see him doing so well in his career now.

  11. Minions! . . . how do they do it. . . . turn us all into their minions.

    I serve The Aged Cat. Just one (for now — shhh, don’t tell him I’m planning on moonlighting for other cats).

  12. psst…. Terry. Your secret’s safe with us… after all, as moonlighting minions ourselves, we know the difficulties of staying fickleless.

    … well, it’s safe until the Aged Cat sniffs your other allegiences. =)

  13. Hi,
    you seem to be very good at finding homes for cats. Can you help me?

    Tiger and Mango are 2 cats which I adopted as kittens. I fostered them to friends when I downsized from a masionette to a 4 rm flat cos I had 5 and am asthmatic. I currently have 3 at my present flat and can’t take them back in. Their foster parents are moving back to America soon and I’ve run out of cat- loving friends. 😦

    Please help.

  14. Vivienne,
    If you look at the chronology of posts for any of our adoption kitty, you’ll see that it takes time to rehome any kitty. I am sorry about the situation you, Tiger and Mango are facing.

    What we can do to help is to point you to our Starter Kit and FAQ for the Kitty Foster/Rehomer for ideas on to go about rehoming your cats. Good luck.

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  19. i pesonaly love snow white tigers i was trying to adopt one but i thought should learn about them a little more and i litarly strted to cry now i go tell all my friends to see this web site
    p.s. i dont care if i spelt things wrong

  20. opps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the cats one i was talking about the snow white tiger one silly me
    im soooo stupid
    but i didi almost cry on this one to
    agin sorry p.s.i still dont care if i spelt stuff wrong


  21. Hi I stumbled upon your page trying to look up about owning cats in HDB. Want to pencil in my comment to the government who obviously are clueless about cat-owning.

    I love how you termed us as minions. My cat is THE Master Manipulator and has the whole family wrapped around her little paw. I always tell her that I am working hard so she gets to eat all her treats and good food. She was recently warded for a spate of pancreatitis in which we also found out she has only one working kidney. I tried feeding her the antibiotics and horrid (prescription diet) food (vet’s advice) but she refused. In the end, I gave up and administered cat grass. Worked perfect! She is in very good health now cos I grow her a tub of grass every 2 weeks. Thought I would share with other cat lovers. Also switched her food to better ones and read labels alot more thoroughly now. She is 9. 🙂

    Take care and God Bless.

  22. Calsifer, just wondering why the White Tiger pages aren’t open to comments anymore? If they are open to comments, how do i post one there?

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