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More commonly known as possessions, we regard them as companions enriching people’s lives.

Could you bear it if it happened to a human child or your beloved pet?

While reading the papers 2 sundays ago, my eyes were drawn to a tiny article tucked into the inner bottom corner of the right page.

How cruelly ended was this cat’s life!  What a senseless, wanton waste of life!


Tabulously spotted Philly and agouti Rheilly

But it was more than grief and outrage I felt. I was also deeply disturbed. Because this cat looks very much like our Philly.

It boggles the mind.


Philly trying to get a grip

Why would anyone even contemplate such a sick thing? The poor kitty was strangled to death with a rafia string just behind a block of HDB flats. The rafia string had cut 1″ deep into its throat, probably causing poor kitty a very slow painful death. How could such a painful death be unnoticed when the poor cat was struggling for a long while in the midst of densely populated human habitats?


Rheilly: So scary!

Could a human child have died the same death unnoticed?

Can you imagine the same happening to your beloved kitty?

It could happen to any cat. This kitty isn’t the first or the only cat who met a cruel end by any stretch of the imagination.

Remember Bedok South, then Old Airport Road, followed by Jurong East, and Pasir Ris, Choa Chu Kang?


Teddy: Philly annoys the hell out of me EVERY SINGLE DAY, but even I wouldn't wish this on him

I am still boggled by the attitudes of those who claim to love cats, then leave their “beloved pets” to roam outside 24/7 unsupervised, exposed to the dangers of animal abuse, road accidents, pest control roundup and AVA culling, poisoning, injuries and sickness from scuffles with other cats, and unwanted pregnancies (conveniently discarding the unapproved young lives that result from their cavalier attitude towards responsibility). Would these people allow their children to live the same risks?

This isn’t just a cat who died. He had caregivers, he had a name.

His name is Pui Pui. And he did not die an easy death.

Bloody signs of Pui Pui's last moments of life

Pui Pui's blood seeped into the ground as he struggled for his life

Thanks to Pawpledge, Pui Pui is not a nameless cat to be forgotten. Nor will his death be just another statistic in Singapore’s annual average of 700 reported (and rising) animal abuse cases if Singaporeans CARE. Pawpledge has sketched a chilling but not unsalvageable reality of the dangers Pui Pui and the cats in the area live in. Sterilisation, and TNRM of course figures prominently. Please help if you can.


Joey: I really really don't like Philly but no cat (or dog) deserves to die so horribly

Animal abuse takes every form. Already, between the AVA and SPCA, 21,000 dogs and cats are put to death annually. And official policies or officious support and subsidies of certain behaviours isn’t anything NOT wrong. Not when the real core root, the cause and effect are not even bothered with.


Bam Bam: I'm the resident evil... I can't bear to look!

Are the issues complex? Sure, any issue involving people evolve complexity. But are they uncomprehensible? I don’t think so – if a foreigner who read a short, simple but true rendition of the plight of Singapore’s community aka homeless cats can go on to write it in his own words, no one needs high qualifications from officially sanctioned university brand names nor be called Mr Minister or Mr MP to claim authority and weight on the issues, not when they’re plagued with the head in the sand syndrome.

Philly: So sad, that really looks like me
Rheilly: Anyone who wants to mess with you has to go through me first

As for Philly, and the rest of the slackers, I am glad they are safe. But please, let’s keep our eyes out for the voiceless ones who are only striving to eke out a living on the harsh streets of Singapore


Smartie at home

Smartie‘s mum sent a few choice pics to commemorate the announcement of her new name: Pachi.

Smartie snuggling with her dad

Smartie snuggling with her dad

Smartie snoozies... with Aiko her big bro

Smartie snoozies... with Aiko her big bro



Watch your smartie mouth, pipsqueak

Watch your smartie mouth, pipsqueak

No more incredible plastic-insect-monster-btmao-tagteam wrestles for this little furry one. She has Aiko, Mum, Dad, and later, a new human baby to keep her busy

Bamy Wharhol

Just a little tinkering with the camera settings… no software to stitch them together proper though


Smartie adopted, and a biped baby’s joining her new family

Smartie_BY_20090919_018xSmartie, Foster Mum’s spider monkey kitten has been adopted since 19 Sep 09. She is now the younger by 5 months, with an older ginger  brother who’s 7 months old. She has oodles of energy and even her elder brother is having a bit of a struggle keeping up with her.

Her mother is expecting to add a biped baby to the mix pretty soon. With each other for company and the adaptability of kittens, she and her brother should take the new addition well, especially with a bit of prepping by her mother.

Here are the photos and vids of her farewell wrestle with btmao and the incredible plastic insect monster



How to create your very own upside down spider kitten
(Click here if you can’t get the vid to play)


If you are also an expectant mother with pets or planning to get pregnant, here are some good references on pets and children. With Timmi‘s case as an example, it is something simple, but not to be overlooked. After all, it is a big change in the family life and routines, and whether human or otherwise, all in the family are affected by it

Freda report

Freda_20090927_01xIt’s been about 3 weeks since Freda was adopted.

She’s doing better than we’d expect as this update on 27 Sep from her mum, SI shows:

Freda’s quite chatty – she’ll walk by you and go meow. She doesn’t want food or anything, she’s just going “Wassup?” She’s quite confident now, and likes to sleep in the living room sofa now, even if no one’s there. She likes to hold little races with herself in the early morning, which are quite fun to watch.

Don’t know if we’re changing the name, as we still haven’t found the right name. She had a little accident on the carpet, but it was all solid poo, and easy to clean and it was time the carpet was sent for cleaning anyway. The carpet was one of those shaggy carpets, so it’s quite easy to see why she’d make that mistake.

She’ll come running up to anyone who comes into the house now, which is nice, cos she used to go into hiding or peer from one corner. I think she’s quite certain that this is her house now, and she thinks it’s her job to be a good hostess and say hello to visitors.


When Freda first got to her new home, she had SI worried as the litterbox was very clean. Later she discovered where Freda had been taking her bio breaks:

We finally discovered where she’s been pee-ing – she’s been using the bathtub, and peeing over the drainage hole! 🙂

She left her poo on the rug though, so we’ve rolled it up to prevent further accidents.

Since Freda did not have access to any drainage holes or bathtubs in the shelter, it must be previous experience that prompted her to denounce the litterbox.

However, the latest on her toilet habits, fresh as of this morning shows she’s also adaptable (she’s back to using the box), and perhaps a bit conservative:

i think my husband gave her a shock when she was peeing at the pipes
she probably thinks “aiyah! Cannot pee here, got peeping toms!”

Freda_20090927_02xWhat a fun, easy-going and understanding family Freda has. It is wonderful that she is now a confident kitty, and her family are great with her.

Really, every kitty just needs a chance.

Timmi will have a home to go back to

Timmi_20090926_027xTimmi is back at the cattery now. She is looking well, and is much sleeker and with full soft fur with a healthy sheen. The wonders of some tlc and quality food, ala a few months of Wellness at the latest (before that she has been on Natural Balance as we recommended at the time of adoption, and PC remarked the change was significant, even to her, within a short time).

Timmi_20090926_019xTimmi was sent back on 19 Sep 09, Sat. Her situation is a mix-bag now – she will have a home, just not so soon. The current address of PC’s sister, D, is not cat-safe and does not lend itself to cat-safe proofing which was why Timmi had no alternative home. However, D will be moving to an address which can be, but that is quite a while away, so the plan now is to foster Timmi until D’s new home is ready.

D is actually the one whom Timmi has rapport with so it makes sense that Timmi go to her.

We didn’t manage to visit this weekend since the haze instigated our noses to go on marathon runs. But here are some phots and a vid I did manage last weekend, in commemoration of Timmi’s 1st complete week at the shelter.

Timmi_20090926_018xShe was curious and cautious, somewhat bewildered but quite interactive. She even called out to btmao immediately upon spotting her. We’re still trying to decide if she remembered her old ritual or was just eager for human company.

Timmi_20090926_017xTimmi’s really making use of her life quota. When we first met her, it was at the shelter’s old address. Foster Mum’s neighbour, SP, who also is into the cat business, had claimed 2 cats from AVA. She had called us earlier while at AVA, asking if any of our community cats were missing as she was told about 2 cats brought in from our Area2. One of them fitted the description of Booties, but the other one we didn’t know at all. But we asked SP to go ahead and help us to claim them both back.

Timmi_20090926_008xWhen we went over to SP’s place, we recognised Booties, but the kitty with her was new to us. Snatched from the jaws of death as it were, we brought both Booties and Timmi back to the Area2 carpark that day. Some time later, we did bring Timmi into foster care, in order to look for a home for her. This first part of her story is all here, on her original adoption notice.

Timmi_20090926_002xBooties had all of 1 enquiry during her 2.5 years in the cattery before she “accidentally” lucked out and was brought home together with Timmi. Timmi’s adoption run of 1.5 years fared a little better than Booties’ did, but it was nothing to shout about. But after sharing the same home for 2 years, Booties and Timmi are now separate, not that there’s much love lost, by all accounts. In fact, Booties seem to be adapting better to PC’s baby and even allows the baby to take her tail.

Timmi_20090926_012x They had shared some harrowing experiences, and some wonderful memories of home together, these 2 grand ladies of the Area2 carpark. If Timmi is making use of her nine lives, Booties is not far behind in her utilisation rate. However, Booties’ home situation is stable, while Timmi is now in the waiting game again. But at least it’s not quite back to square one – she will be spared an endless wait without answers this time. So chin up, Timmi!

Homeseeker: Jenny

(Must read: Cat care refs.)


Jenny_20090912_002_DSC_0144x A very pretty female, Jenny is a people-loving cat with beautiful green eyes.

She was found abandoned in the neighbourhood carpark, but as a cool dame of 8-10 years, was nonplussed at her predicament.

Jenny_BY_20090404_002_DSC_0058_02x Unshackled by the flighty and bouncy nature of young cats, Jenny’s a well-developed cat with her own personality.

She is for the discerning person who appreciates kitty affection, likes a responsive, active cat who loves cuddles and play but does not have time or energy to entertain young catsters.

Jenny would do well as a single cat or a member of a small multi-cat home.

She is litter-box trained, vaccinated and sterilized.

Read Jenny’s story here

To visit Jenny
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

More Jenny phots
(Click on the thumbnail to view the source image in flickr)

Jenny_20090404_005_DSC_0075_02x Jenny_20090628_014_DSC_0506x Jenny_20090524_009_DSC_0101_02x Jenny_20090628_011_DSC_0503x
Jenny_20090822_002_DSC_0093x Jenny_20090912_004_DSC_0157x Jenny_20090516_015_DSC_0600_02x
Jenny_20090524_010_DSC_0102x Jenny_20090516_003_DSC_0570x Jenny_20090912_003_DSC_0145x Jenny_20090516_017_DSC_0602_02x

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