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Tortie with half-black face, first sighted in Area 2, 8 Jan 08, est 8 mths. Very affectionate and friendly. Sterilised 5 Mar 08. Moved into foster care to await adoption 31 Mar 08.

Becky the affectionate

Becky_20090912_008_DSC_0174xHomseeker Becky has a somewhat similar temperament with Freda, who was so stressed with being among other cats that she literally withdrew into herself and prefered living in a cage.

Becky also prefers living in a cage, free from the other cats sharing the shelter. However, until they were cage cats, where Freda simply prefers to be away from cats but retained her affectionate nature with people, Becky turned defensive even with people.

Becky_20090912_005_DSC_0171xAs soon as her struggle to cope with being among many cats was detected by the shelter helpers, she was put in a cage where she is now calmer and happier.

Becky_20090919_008xHowever, she is still on edge and though she no longer is quite as defensive with people, and has even rediscovered the pleasure of headscritches. But she will still jump as soon as she sights another cat.

As with Freda, we believe as soon as Becky gets a chance to be in a home environment her affectionate nature will smoothen the touchy edges she’s wearing like a shield.

Becky_20090822_003_DSC_0147xHowever long it takes, we will be helping her to find a home to call her own.


Becky had visitors

Becky had her first potential adopter visit yesterday, a family of 4, with 1 girl and 1 boy. We were actually cautiously hopeful that it might work at first. We had arrived a bit earlier to prep her. When I approached her perch where she was lounging, she stood up to greet me and vocalised. Her vocalisation wasn’t the surprise since she was quite the chatty girl before she was ensconced in the cattery. The surprise was that she had bothered to get up and even greet me, the first time that she acknowledged us since she entered the cattery.

But she didn’t quite endear herself to her visitors, as she took to presenting her back to all and sundry. But this was not before she took a quick swipe at the boy when he simply put his finger in ftont of her. Looksl like she’s still not quite ready to come out of her shell, Still a few grumps to work out there.

Homeseeker: Becky

20091010: More Becky phots and vid

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Becky is a quiet and reserved young adult female looking for a home.


Becky is a female tortie with a chest crest and mittens. She also wears a mid-length tail. Due to her unique and lovely coat, she looks like different cats from different angles.

Becky_posting_20090103_02x Becky_posting_20090103_01x


She has learnt to live in the shelter where she will be safe while waiting for her new home. But she still does not understand why she was abandoned and kept trying to find her owner. She loved young girls about 8 to 10 years in age and always attempted to follow any who passed by. She was probably an only cat who was used to being the focus of attention. She is extremely unhappy to be among other cats and would do well as an only cat or in a home where there are only 1 or 2 other cats who are not aggressive.


Becky is estimated to be about 1.5 to 2 yrs old. She is sterilised, vaccinated and litter-box trained.

To visit Becky
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

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Becky is being prepped for adoption

Remember Becky? She was sterilised on 31 Mar 08. Quite unfortunately for us, she happened to be on heat when we catnapped her home on the previous night, so all of us had a sleepless night, including the slackers. It also meant another $50 to the sterilisation bill. She was friendly and purry throughout her stay with us.

Because of her demonstrated friendliness, plus the location where she loiters and her tendency to follow young girls begging for attention, we decided that if a vacancy opens up at the cattery, we’ll put her up for adoption.

She’s been in the cattery for a while now, and unfortunately is still a bit shy and withdrawn, quite unlike her personality which we though we knew. We guess that she is missing her old family very much – torties do seem to be fiercely loyal, from Foster Mum’s experience.

As usual, we will wait on her and put her up for adoption officially only when she is ready. Meantime, we do hope she will accept that her old family is no longer there for her.

Becky in a bit of danger

So it seems that once sighted, she would appear multiple times. I sighted her again earlier this evening on the way home.


However, I’m a bit concerned as she was sitting within the vicinity of the eatery in Area 2. We would love to rehome her, as she is just super affectionate. But our hands are tied as Foster Mum is not able to take in any more cats right now.

She was blithely staring into space as a boy sitted at the table nearest her treid to scare her away… and of courese, his guardians did absolutely nothing to stop his loutish speciesism. I did not try to lure her away as she is absolutely not in touch with the signature caregiver clicking call to dinner and friendship. It would just draw even more attention to her presence so I continued on my way, hoping that she leave the eatery perimeter soon.

We can only hope that she will be safe until we can make arrangements for her at a later date.

As I walked away, I noted the unfriendly kitten running guerilla warfare alongside my route, which was the pavement hugging a road. She was carefully scurrying from car to car, not 30cm away from me. So near, yet so far.

Becky is looking good

We finally sighted her this morning, the first time since she was released from her de-mojo. It was in quite a different spot than we expected to see her, which was why we ran into Idris a few more times in the intervening period but caught no sight of her.

We’re without a cam… but I just had to document her clannie mark, so I tried using my camera-phone. She’s so affectionate that I got mostly blurry pictures, but at least here are 2 in which her tipped ear is clearly visible. We’re relieved to see her so well.



Becky’s back today

Becky’s gone through her de-mojoing yesterday quite well. btmao was home to receive her from the pet transport lady in the afternoon and said she looked bright and alert.

The transport lady also told btmao that the clinic folks all loved Becky as she was so affectionate.


Here’s the thing – Becky’s a superb candidate for rehoming, based on personality alone. It would be best ideal to rehome her as she is not in a very good situation – always crossing roads and sleeping within the compound of the school that makes up the buffer zone between Areas 1 and 2. However, we know Foster Mum’s full up and has announced that she will not take in any new kitties until further notice. We respect that there are times when Foster Mum can’t take in any more, that in these situations, we can’t do as we please for the kitties, that the best course of action is simply to sterilise the kitty and monitor the situation.

For the next few days, we will look for Becky and check her surgical wound, if possible.