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Shadow sanctum

Before we moved into the sanctum, we were lucky to see dear Shadow lounging in the shelves outside it. I felt he was comfortable enough that I took a shot, with flash, as it was too dark otherwise.


It’s rare to see him so calm in front of anyone but Foster Mum, her husband and her helpers. He’s come a long way though he’s still leery of strangers, which is why he’s hardly seen.


Shadow’s still shy

Remember Shadow?

He’s hardly seen outside of Foster Mum’s bedroom. He’s very shy still, and he’s timid. According to Foster Mum, other cats, like Porkribs, ride roughshod over him. So he prefers to hide in the bedroom.

A New Hope… ?

We’re going to visit Foster Mum’s early early today, as a couple will be there to visit Izzy and maybe Timmi too.

We’re keeping our fingers. i’ve have spoken with the Mr prior and though they’ve never had a cat, he’s careful and have made preparations which I’m impressed with. While they suss out the cats, we’ll be doing our concluding suss-out of them too.

Poor Timmi, I’m more on edge for her than Izzy, simply because she’s a grown cat and been waiting for a home since early 2005.

But well, you can’t force these things. If they’re not going to click, no point forcing them. I just try to remember Orli’s long wait and believe the day will come for every cat. The only thing we’re almost certain of is some kitty or even kitties will get a home – and that’s something to be rejoicing about, yeah! I just hope the couple will get two cats – they do get lonely so, and it’s much easier to have two at the get-go than to try introducing a second one into the mix later.

Today is also vid day – I’ll be wanting to retake the vid for Booties, and try to take one of Frankie. Corrie should warrant one, we’ll want an update on Snowball and Angel too. Of course, this will include whomever else will deign to grace the camera. Maybe Happy or Sunshine, Foster Mum’s resident poochies.

Busy day! I hope the batteries hold up – both the camera and the human variety.

Now I’m just checking in, in the hopes that the CWS website is up. But nope, still deader than dead. What an inopportune day for the server to die, weekends are the bestest time for adopter visits.

Shadow, Severely Abused Kitten (singaporecats, 20051024)


When Shadow was first discovered in mid oct 05, he had misshapened front paws, a very bad limp and a very odd-shaped flank.

At the vet’s, the horrible extent of his suffering was revealed: Shadow’s injuries were at least 6 weeks old! And he needed surgery asap if the hip-bone protruding into his stomach, the cause of the odd-shaped flank, was to be corrected before it cost him his young life.

But Shadow’s surgery had to be postponed, because he was trembling so badly when the vet first handled him.

Now he has been with his metal-plate for 5 months; next month, he will need to undergo another surgery to remove the plate.

Unfortunately, nothing could be done for his paws, and so they remained the odd-shaped limbs that he came to Foster Mum with. We can only look at his misshapen paws, and wonder at the pain and suffering he must have endured as a young 3-4 month old kitten.

To-date, Shadow is as well as can be, thanks to the TLC of Foster Mum. He was also featured in a letter to the press (Someone broke his paws and fractured his hip), about the serial kitten killer case earlier this month.



Funds are needed to build up Shadow’ss medical funds.

If you would like to help defray part of Shadow’s medical bills, please write to sephycat at gmail dot com, we’ll put you in touch with Foster Mum.

Latest photo: Shadow sharing the baby-cot with another cat, Kelly