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Adopted 2 Dec 06, together with Booties. Returned for fostering on 19 Sep 09 due behavioural problems caused by new baby. Expected to stay until adopter’s sister can bring her home.

Timmi will have a home to go back to

Timmi_20090926_027xTimmi is back at the cattery now. She is looking well, and is much sleeker and with full soft fur with a healthy sheen. The wonders of some tlc and quality food, ala a few months of Wellness at the latest (before that she has been on Natural Balance as we recommended at the time of adoption, and PC remarked the change was significant, even to her, within a short time).

Timmi_20090926_019xTimmi was sent back on 19 Sep 09, Sat. Her situation is a mix-bag now – she will have a home, just not so soon. The current address of PC’s sister, D, is not cat-safe and does not lend itself to cat-safe proofing which was why Timmi had no alternative home. However, D will be moving to an address which can be, but that is quite a while away, so the plan now is to foster Timmi until D’s new home is ready.

D is actually the one whom Timmi has rapport with so it makes sense that Timmi go to her.

We didn’t manage to visit this weekend since the haze instigated our noses to go on marathon runs. But here are some phots and a vid I did manage last weekend, in commemoration of Timmi’s 1st complete week at the shelter.

Timmi_20090926_018xShe was curious and cautious, somewhat bewildered but quite interactive. She even called out to btmao immediately upon spotting her. We’re still trying to decide if she remembered her old ritual or was just eager for human company.

Timmi_20090926_017xTimmi’s really making use of her life quota. When we first met her, it was at the shelter’s old address. Foster Mum’s neighbour, SP, who also is into the cat business, had claimed 2 cats from AVA. She had called us earlier while at AVA, asking if any of our community cats were missing as she was told about 2 cats brought in from our Area2. One of them fitted the description of Booties, but the other one we didn’t know at all. But we asked SP to go ahead and help us to claim them both back.

Timmi_20090926_008xWhen we went over to SP’s place, we recognised Booties, but the kitty with her was new to us. Snatched from the jaws of death as it were, we brought both Booties and Timmi back to the Area2 carpark that day. Some time later, we did bring Timmi into foster care, in order to look for a home for her. This first part of her story is all here, on her original adoption notice.

Timmi_20090926_002xBooties had all of 1 enquiry during her 2.5 years in the cattery before she “accidentally” lucked out and was brought home together with Timmi. Timmi’s adoption run of 1.5 years fared a little better than Booties’ did, but it was nothing to shout about. But after sharing the same home for 2 years, Booties and Timmi are now separate, not that there’s much love lost, by all accounts. In fact, Booties seem to be adapting better to PC’s baby and even allows the baby to take her tail.

Timmi_20090926_012x They had shared some harrowing experiences, and some wonderful memories of home together, these 2 grand ladies of the Area2 carpark. If Timmi is making use of her nine lives, Booties is not far behind in her utilisation rate. However, Booties’ home situation is stable, while Timmi is now in the waiting game again. But at least it’s not quite back to square one – she will be spared an endless wait without answers this time. So chin up, Timmi!


Timmi coming back to the shelter

Remember our SOS earlier this year about Timmi and Booties’ situation? Fro a while it seemed like things were going to work out.

But Timmi’s jealousy has escalated and she has started attacking Booties, fiercely. Unfortunately, their mum’s backup plan of sending Timmi to her sister is now a closed option.

Back to the drawing board for Timmi

So Timmi will return to the cattery next week and join the homeseekers. As all signs point to her need for attention and a strong jealous steak, us minions will work on getting her a home where she can be the only cat. Let’s hope she behaves when she gets back to the cattery.

SOS: helping kitties deal with Mum’s pregnancy, babies and/or kids

Remember Booties and Timmi? This is an appeal for help – advice and suggestions needed from anyone who has gone through a situation where a pet cat starts behaving badly after the stork deposits da package. Please reply or write to us at sephycat at gmail dot com.

The two dames have a 3-month old human addition to the home now.

Booties is handling the change well.

But Timmi, unfortunately, isn’t.

In the words of their mum, PC:

I’m having difficulty managing Timmi lately and I was wondering if I could get your advice.

We recently had a baby daughter, she’s now 3 months old. Both T & I barely spent time with them in the 1st one and half months .

The cats have been more needy and I think the baby’s crying drives them berserk, well it nearly drove us to tears!!

We expected that the cats will be confused and more needy with the baby and changes in the routine at home- they used to be able to go into our spare bedroom (now the baby’s room) but they can’t now. So we let them go into the study when they previously couldn’t. They are not allowed in our master bedroom at all.

Timmi is driving me insane with her needy behaviour, she was stalking me everywhere I go and even when I’m on the couch breastfeeding my baby. I try to give some attention to both the cats in the mornings when the baby’s asleep. Timmi has now resorted to negative behaviour to get our attention, she blatantly goes into the master bedroom even when she knows that I can see her doing it! She didn’t show much interest in our room before the baby came along, I used to leave the door open the entire day and she wouldnt bother to go in, now she’s doing it almost everyday. She knows that she will get punished( I scuff her, hiss and beat her butt) for it but she does it anyway. T thinks she’s doing it to get attention even if it is negative – so I ignore her and let her bad behaviour slide.. I really don’t want to punish her everyday, its unhealthy for both of us but her behaviour has gone from bad to worse. The thing is, we really can’t give her as much attention as we used to, T has since change jobs, he works longer hours and his job requires him to travel a fair bit as well. I’ve quit my job to become a stay at home mom. I have to manage the baby, household chores and cats alone most of the time.

Booties is doing okay but unfortunately she cant sit on my lap for the time being, can’t hve fur on me when I carry the baby.

We had a chat about the situation. It’s not the absolute pits yet, but PC would dearly love to get further away from those. She is nearly the end of her tether about coping with Timmi. While her sister has offered to take Timmi, PC considers it the very last resort and hopes very much to keep the family intact.

I did a search online; there’s quite some references about preparing kitties for the arrival of a new baby, but I was not able to find anything about managing the situation if a situation develops after the baby arrives.

Help, anyone?

What’s bothering you, Timmi?

Booties and Timmi settling down well

Looks like the girls have settled their accounts with each other at last. What a long time, they went home mid December after all. Kudos to their mum and dad for being patient and understanding. the surprise though is that Timmi is alpha over Booties! What a role reversal.

Email update on 9 April 07:

… Yep, the kitties have worked out their pecking order and Timmi is the reigning “Queen”. We’re keeping Bootie’s name but we’re thinking of changing Timmi’s name… she doesn’t seem to respond to her name.. I think she responds to our voices.

Compare to this on 8 Jan 07 :

Hope things are well both at home and at work. In case you’re wondering how Timmi and Booties are doing, here’s an update:

They’re both healthy and eating well. You’re right about Natural Balance, their coats are now more silky and soft. The patch on Timmi’s head has also improved, the fur is growing back nicely. Booties has been scratching her right ear quite abit. I’m sending themto Jane’s place for grooming on tuesday. If Booties still scratches her ear, I’ll send her to the vet. By the way, which vet did they seepreviously? By any chance, would you have their previous vaccination cards/ history? I need to know when I should send them for their vaccinations.

They are still fighting. They woke me up at 6am this morning! I wonder how you manage with 6 cats…

Sometimes they even seem to be avoiding each other. They’re hardly ever near each other, except during meal times.

I see Timmi approaching Booties but Booties will hiss at her.

I also notice that Timmi waits outside the bedroom door (either in sight or hidden) when Booties uses the litter pan.

Timmi will then either “ambush” Booties when she’s about to leave the pan or when she’s leaving the room. Bootieshates it and will hiss at her. This happens every other day. I’m just wondering if Timmi wants to play but Booties is
not interested. What do you think?

I usually don’t intervene unless I think one of them may get hurt. Whenever they fight, I tend to clap my hands/ scold the both of them – to show that I disapprove of them fighting. Sigh! I wonder if they will ever get along.

Compare that to this sent on 16 Dec 07, 2 days after they got home:

Just thought I update you on the 2 girls. They’re doing well and have settled down. T is also getting used to the girls. As I speak, Booties is now napping on my living room sofa beside T who’s playing with his playstation.

Timmi is also doing better, she’s no longer hiding, although she runs for cover whenever she hears my neighbours come home. She’s really curious and constantly wants to run into my bedroom and study (these 2 rooms are not cat friendly yet). Booties is very affectionate to me and T. Earlier today she slept on my tummy while I napped on the couch! Timmi is friendly to the both of us but she can be shy at times. T and I are giving them alot of attention, petting, praises and snuggling. We’re are officially their slaves!

I’m slowly changing their dry and wet food to Natural Balance (dry) and snappy tom(wet). But I find that snappy tom has a very thick jelly base, I’m wondering if thats ok for kitties. I have doubts about fuzzie cat canned food as I read somewhere that cats can get addicted to tuna and will not want to try other things. As it is, I find that the girls dont eat much of the dry food but love the fuzzie cat canned food. What do you think?

Pictorial update today:






Booties and Timmi are home today

The girls are home!

Their mum, PC, sms’d in the afternoon, and reported that both freaked out during the journey home.

Booties, as expected, recovered almost immediately, and has become PC’s shadow, asking for attention all the time.

Timmi though exhibited the more typical reaction, and took to hiding. Like Snowball, she needs to work it, out on her own schedule.

Hopefully, she comes out of it soon.

Timmi and Booties homegoing confirmed

Booties, Timmi.

The girls’ mum, PC, visited them at Foster Mum’s today. She confirmed they will be going home on Thursday.

Greatest news of the day – Timmi and Booties

Oh yay~ PC and T reverted last evening at a little after 6 … and decided to take Timmi and Booties.

We were stunned, because

  • These two girls, along with Frankie, have all been on adoption watch for at least 1.5 years, and they hardly get any enquiries. It became so depressing that we were bracing ourselves for the likelihood that they would have to spend their lives in the cattery.
  • Booties, Booties was really a dark horse. We’ve weaned off optimism about her chances, because her adoption history of only 1 casual enquiry was not encouraging at all.

Of course PC and T were concerned about Timmi’s nekkiding. This morning we managed to talk over the phone with PC about this concern, and PC and T have confirmed to go ahead with Booties and Timmi!

Then PC asked us how we felt about their adoption of Timmi and Booties. She sounded a bit concern at our seeming calmness. We told her we were extremely effingly happy (not in those exact words of course). But we were also shellshocked and couldn’t articulate the surprise and happiness. We can’t thank them enough for giving Timmi and Booties a home. It may not seem apparent, but we really are grinning like the Cheshire Cat inside.

PC and T will make all the necessary preparations and aim to bring Timmi and Booties home before Xmas.

3 adoption board hoggers down to 1 (Frankie)… we can’t believe it!