What’s TNRM?


To get a handle how TNRM, Singapore style, read info on the Trap Neuter and Release Management concept and sterilisation from cat welfare society: http://catwelfare.org/page/id/23

  • TNRM
  1. What is TNRM?
  2. How do I start or join a TNRM programme in my estate?
  3. I have been told that feeding cats is illegal. Is this true?
  4. Doesn’t feeding lure cats into my estate?
  5. But feeding makes them less likely to kill rats and cockroaches!
  6. What happens if I call up and complain about a cat nuisance to my town council/management committee/residents’ committee/AVA?

For more details, read this pdf document: ABCs of TNR – The perfect introduction to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) (from the “List of Factsheets and articles – alphabetical” on the website of the respected US advocators of TNRM, Alley Cay Allies)

(Related: How to sterilise stray cats?)


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