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Semi-pet cat: New young male tabby, appeared 4 June 06, disappeared 12 June 06.

I think Isaac’s gone home

It’s been two weeks since Isaac went missing. Given his nature, the fact that he was an untipped-ear neutered boy, and the timing of his appearance/disappearance, I think the cheapos who ‘own’ him has come back from their holiday and taken him back. I hope they will realise why his ear is now tipped, and do the right thing and arrange fostering or baby-sitting for him the next time they go on holiday.


Isaac not around, Cari MIA

Isaac’s not around today – strangely because he’s not one to venture far or miss meals.

Cari has been missing since Jun 11, the day Isaac returned. I hope the bad weather on that day didn’t have anything to do with her disappearance.

Isaac’s back, Izzy for vacc, Corrie to foster

It’s rainy here today. In the afternoon, Isaac was sent back. We still feel for the poor boy, to have to undergo GA twice. Damn the people who threw him out.

As arranged, Izzy will be going for his first vaccination jab, and Corrie too. Then V will send them over to Foster Mum.

Isaac only needs ear-tipping, Corrie too weak to de-mojo

V called, as we suspected, Isaac only needed his ear tipped.

Unfortunately, we were right about Corrie too. Here we hit a dilemma. Foster mum had said she was up to her ears, but we couldn’t care for Corrie ourselves, and she can’t be let back out to fend for herself. But there was no harm asking, so I called Foster mum… thankfully, she decided yes, she could take Corrie on. On the spur of the moment, I asked if she could take Izzy too… and again, YES. I think I will try my luck when we find Samia too.

As a signthat not everything went right, we also tried to get Buddy, and were again eluded.

Big day – Cari homecoming, Isaac taking over, and a new dame

Cari’s back, and duly marked as a clan member. She’s ravenous, and we’re happy to feed her, along with Izzy. Still no Samia.

Well, V handed us a carrier, and got 2 in return. Isaac, sweet boy, was easy to shunt into his carrier. Buddy, the irascible, hoewever, had once again eluded us.

I hurried home from work as early as I could, and managed to get Isaac in a blink. After securing him in our bathroom, I had gone to Area 2 to meet up with btmao and we tried to get Buddy. After the sly one escaped, we trudged home and lo! sitting at the void deck was a sandy long-haired, long-tailed beauty, with brown colour-points and the most amazing light-blue eyes. She looked ok, aside from the dazed bewilderment that seem to haunt every abandonee we’ve met.

btmao and I exchanged a look, and we spread out food for her. It took her a bit to start nibbling, and it was obvious she wasn’t sure if it was food we gave her, again typical of pampered pets newly thrown out. But once she decided the spread was edible, buy did she eat! She was very friendly and easy to handle.

V was coming over with Cari and told to expect 2 boys, we might as well see if we can de-mojo her in place of buddy.

But as I observed her, and from my handling, I realised she was terribly emaciated. We started to get worried.

As we received Cari from V, and handed over Isaac and Corrie, the newly christianed grand dame, we described the two to him. V concurred Isaac may need only a ear snip. Corrie though needed an exam before we could decide what to do for her. i wasn’t hopeful that she was sterilised, nor that she was healthy enough to withstand the procedure.

Well, we’ll see how it goes.

Cari should be tipped by now, plans for Isaac, and worrying for Samia

Well, this is the big day for Cari. She’ll be back on the 8th.

It’ll be like passing the baton – Isaac for sure will be around. I’m hoping we can get Buddy too.

Here’s the thing: I think Isaac’s already neutered – his jewels has the typical raisin look. Given his friendliness, and condition, I’m really suspicious that he’s an abandoned pet. Plus the timing is too fitting – the June school holidays. I really would like to be there the day the people who abandone pets at will get a taste of the same medicine from their loved ones.

Samia still missing.


Bright and early, while preparing to serve Cassie brekkie, btmao got a ‘gift’.

Another head popped out alongside Cassie’s.

Another abandonee? I don’t see why not, it is June School Holiday season, after all.

btmao managed to id the new kid as a young tabby boy with a long perfect tail. Probably 8 – 16 months? Anyway, he’ll find himself tipped-ear soon enough – as long as he sticks around. We dubbed him Isaac.

I just hope we can get him at the same time as Buddy.

btw, Buddy was still in Area 1, hanging out with Izzy.

Samia though, was nowhere in sight. It is really not like her to miss an appointment. Was she annoyed with Buddy, to the extent of upping and leaving? We hope not.

Pictures Cassie and Isaac eating together on the night of 5 June.