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Former homeseeker kitties who’ve found personal laps and chin-ticklers, or gone over the rainbow bridge.

Freda report

Freda_20090927_01xIt’s been about 3 weeks since Freda was adopted.

She’s doing better than we’d expect as this update on 27 Sep from her mum, SI shows:

Freda’s quite chatty – she’ll walk by you and go meow. She doesn’t want food or anything, she’s just going “Wassup?” She’s quite confident now, and likes to sleep in the living room sofa now, even if no one’s there. She likes to hold little races with herself in the early morning, which are quite fun to watch.

Don’t know if we’re changing the name, as we still haven’t found the right name. She had a little accident on the carpet, but it was all solid poo, and easy to clean and it was time the carpet was sent for cleaning anyway. The carpet was one of those shaggy carpets, so it’s quite easy to see why she’d make that mistake.

She’ll come running up to anyone who comes into the house now, which is nice, cos she used to go into hiding or peer from one corner. I think she’s quite certain that this is her house now, and she thinks it’s her job to be a good hostess and say hello to visitors.


When Freda first got to her new home, she had SI worried as the litterbox was very clean. Later she discovered where Freda had been taking her bio breaks:

We finally discovered where she’s been pee-ing – she’s been using the bathtub, and peeing over the drainage hole! 🙂

She left her poo on the rug though, so we’ve rolled it up to prevent further accidents.

Since Freda did not have access to any drainage holes or bathtubs in the shelter, it must be previous experience that prompted her to denounce the litterbox.

However, the latest on her toilet habits, fresh as of this morning shows she’s also adaptable (she’s back to using the box), and perhaps a bit conservative:

i think my husband gave her a shock when she was peeing at the pipes
she probably thinks “aiyah! Cannot pee here, got peeping toms!”

Freda_20090927_02xWhat a fun, easy-going and understanding family Freda has. It is wonderful that she is now a confident kitty, and her family are great with her.

Really, every kitty just needs a chance.


Timmi will have a home to go back to

Timmi_20090926_027xTimmi is back at the cattery now. She is looking well, and is much sleeker and with full soft fur with a healthy sheen. The wonders of some tlc and quality food, ala a few months of Wellness at the latest (before that she has been on Natural Balance as we recommended at the time of adoption, and PC remarked the change was significant, even to her, within a short time).

Timmi_20090926_019xTimmi was sent back on 19 Sep 09, Sat. Her situation is a mix-bag now – she will have a home, just not so soon. The current address of PC’s sister, D, is not cat-safe and does not lend itself to cat-safe proofing which was why Timmi had no alternative home. However, D will be moving to an address which can be, but that is quite a while away, so the plan now is to foster Timmi until D’s new home is ready.

D is actually the one whom Timmi has rapport with so it makes sense that Timmi go to her.

We didn’t manage to visit this weekend since the haze instigated our noses to go on marathon runs. But here are some phots and a vid I did manage last weekend, in commemoration of Timmi’s 1st complete week at the shelter.

Timmi_20090926_018xShe was curious and cautious, somewhat bewildered but quite interactive. She even called out to btmao immediately upon spotting her. We’re still trying to decide if she remembered her old ritual or was just eager for human company.

Timmi_20090926_017xTimmi’s really making use of her life quota. When we first met her, it was at the shelter’s old address. Foster Mum’s neighbour, SP, who also is into the cat business, had claimed 2 cats from AVA. She had called us earlier while at AVA, asking if any of our community cats were missing as she was told about 2 cats brought in from our Area2. One of them fitted the description of Booties, but the other one we didn’t know at all. But we asked SP to go ahead and help us to claim them both back.

Timmi_20090926_008xWhen we went over to SP’s place, we recognised Booties, but the kitty with her was new to us. Snatched from the jaws of death as it were, we brought both Booties and Timmi back to the Area2 carpark that day. Some time later, we did bring Timmi into foster care, in order to look for a home for her. This first part of her story is all here, on her original adoption notice.

Timmi_20090926_002xBooties had all of 1 enquiry during her 2.5 years in the cattery before she “accidentally” lucked out and was brought home together with Timmi. Timmi’s adoption run of 1.5 years fared a little better than Booties’ did, but it was nothing to shout about. But after sharing the same home for 2 years, Booties and Timmi are now separate, not that there’s much love lost, by all accounts. In fact, Booties seem to be adapting better to PC’s baby and even allows the baby to take her tail.

Timmi_20090926_012x They had shared some harrowing experiences, and some wonderful memories of home together, these 2 grand ladies of the Area2 carpark. If Timmi is making use of her nine lives, Booties is not far behind in her utilisation rate. However, Booties’ home situation is stable, while Timmi is now in the waiting game again. But at least it’s not quite back to square one – she will be spared an endless wait without answers this time. So chin up, Timmi!

Timmi coming back to the shelter

Remember our SOS earlier this year about Timmi and Booties’ situation? Fro a while it seemed like things were going to work out.

But Timmi’s jealousy has escalated and she has started attacking Booties, fiercely. Unfortunately, their mum’s backup plan of sending Timmi to her sister is now a closed option.

Back to the drawing board for Timmi

So Timmi will return to the cattery next week and join the homeseekers. As all signs point to her need for attention and a strong jealous steak, us minions will work on getting her a home where she can be the only cat. Let’s hope she behaves when she gets back to the cattery.

Freda adopted yesterday

UPDATE: 20091005: Freda update report here

Freda had a potential adopter couple visit yesterday.

She wasn’t quite presentable, since her anxiety and stress with communal living has escalated and she had started licking herself to the point of causing bald patches on her flanks.

But her potential new parents did not dismiss her candidancy. In fact, they were understanding of her situation and agreed it wasn’t something that affected their decision.

All the while, Freda had this look on her face, even when she was carried by me and given head scritches by her patient visitors. Later, while cuddled by her potential new mum, she got nervous quite a bit faster than when I had been holding her and started squirming, her way of showing she want to be back in the cage. Her timidness wasn’t helped by being so close to someone who was still a stranger at that moment of course. So back into the cage she went while btmao and I spoke a bit more with her visitors, emphasizing the need to give her time to adapt should they bring her home, and gave them a bit of time to consider.

They had a quick pow-wow, as they had come prepared.

Freda’s adoption notice is now closed. Though she had spent quite a large portion of her shelter time in a cage, the fact that she did come out of her shell, for a while before retreating from being bullied again, we felt was a sign that she just needed a home where she would have the space to be confident and be herself. Earlier this afternoon, her new mum sms’d to say Freda was exploring the house after hiding under a shelf for merely 6 hours. That really confirms her anxiety in the cattery, that she was overwhelmed by being among so many other cats, and couldn’t take the bullying that seemed so focused on her.

Throughout Freda’s stay at the cattery, she had many test cuddles with BY while I took pictures. She must be imagining how wonderful it would be if there weren’t so many other cats around.

Her wish has come true. Freda starts a new life with a family where she’s the only cat (or at least first cat). We’re hopeful she and her new family will be very happy with each other.

Homeseeker: Freda

[UPDATE 20090912: Freda adopted yesterday]

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

Beautiful Freda is a 2 year old young adult female cat.


She wears the signature agouti coat typical of the true Singapura – our local cats and enjoys chin tickles and lap warming.


Freda is gentle, extremely affectionate and trusting.


She is also very timid with other cats and would do well as a single cat. Environments where the residents are hooligan cats are definite no-nos as she is too much the flower child to even stand her ground. Patience and attention is vital for this lovely girl’s integration into a new family. Have you got what it takes?


She is sterilised, vaccinated and litter-box trained.

To visit Freda
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

More Freda Pictures

Lovely chin tickles


Lying pretty

Side profile


To visit Freda
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

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Homeseekers: Sakiko and Sachiko

[UPDATE 20090420: Sachiko and Sakiko have been adopted. Thank you for your interest in the sisters]

(Must read: Cat care refs.)




A lovely pair of sisters who absolutely loves people, Sachiko (fortunate child) and Sakiko (blossom child) were born on 26 Dec 2008.


They are dewormed, litterbox-trained and have had their first vaccination shot on 12 Mar 2009.


The sisters are ready to go home together with a responsible family who will care for and love them for all their lives. More of their background here.

Successful adopters must sign an adoption agreement form, keep them indoors at all times, mesh all windows in the residence and undertake to sterilise them when they reach 6 months of age and keep them up-to-date on their vaccination shots.

To visit Sakiko and Sachiko
Email us at sephycat at gmail dot com, with your name, contact, and a brief intro of yourself/your family.

Genuine, serious adopters only please.

(Must read: Cat care refs.)

(Photos courtesy of JN)

[EDIT: They are also found on]

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Area2: Saba’s kittens sequestered

As mentioned, there were five kittens in Saba’s latest litter. Feeder A found out they were born 26 Dec-boxing day. However, they started disappearing within a week of Saba bringing them out of hiding in mid February. By the end of the week, three were permanently gone. They are all super affectionate, as all Saba’s previous babies. We have our suspicions and have raised them with the town council. For the two surviving kittens, I decided to find them a real home. So they are now being fostered.