I have neglected my minionly duties. It’s not an excuse but I’ve been feeling worn down and out, and thought I needed some breathing space away from my minionly tasks and the internet to think about stuff. It was a mental grind but I’ve not managed to escape the grinder.

Nto only does staying away not work, it’s making things worse. I’ve seen the warning signs: I find it increasingly difficult to string sentences together, sometimes to the extent of not knowing what words to use. I’m slipping up. It’s so bad that I typed bollocks when I meant bollards while naming a photo a few months back. Recently, I wrote anointed when I meant annotated. Of course, I knew only after the fact.

I’ve been fighting …
Mock fights are the funnest things. (Philly with the upper jaw over Rheilly)

But it’s often with myself. I need to prop up my own mind, focus and channel the energy more conducively. Staying away from my minionly duties was not the right thing to do. It’s my real life situation that has to change.

Rheilly: Finally! Big deal lugging excess baggage. So what? Deal with it!

As a first step, I’m picking the threads of my minionly duties again, starting with fish as you can see (don’t ask why but consider an ode to the furry fish-fetishers). After getting the ichthy-ness out of the way, its furry-do to come.