Must meow can haz fish?

Greening oneself is difficult enough, let along greening the precious furry bundle you slave for.

No one ever said it would be easy, and there are no quick-fixes, despite some parties wanting the world to believe so. Really, looking at the whole picture, the questions meow would ask, if he or she knew, might not just be restricted to Hey, is that tuna good for me? come dinner time.

Take a look at this picture. No, it’s not an abstract artsy thing.

Graph of fish decline.

It’s from an article with the ominous title: ‘Only 50 years left’ for sea fish. It is a sister article to this more recent one: Quota calls fail to catch the drift.

So, what’ll we all eat if there’s no tuna or salmon for gourmands, furry or otherwise?

The answer is obvious but perhaps us humans would find ourselves tied up in prettier knots than the kinks in our community cats’ tails. But the fact is that fish is not that great a treat for kitties; it’s not even a conventional staple despite what we believe.

Before the Da-Da-Dum-DUM starts growing pimples on your goose, consider: while the Polar Bear has become the poster child for the cause, nothing is independent. The scalies doing the gill thing in the oceans are as affected by the ice furries by this climate and environment business. Too bad, not all fish are created equal. (Learn more about fish as a food source here).

And while we’re on the topic of kitty fare, this comprehensive essay beautifully illustrates the mechanics of cat food and cat health that we’ve tried to achieve with our kibble rants. It’s not a tummy soothing thought, but our overexploitation of seafood affects not only our own future, we’re also dragging the animals that do eat fish as a staple along (pdf).