Found and secured – Yuki!

So, after btmao came back from the morning feed, we went for breakfast with mum. On the way back, who should we see but the (alleged) new kitt around town, slumbering in a quiet corner at Cassie’s. Really Selamat Hari Raya man!

btmao collected Cassie’s leftover food to offer the new kitt – food that she would usually dispose of. While she was gone, I approached the (guesstimated to be) tweenager, who was calm and relaxed. Very unlike the first time we saw him, when he scooted up the stairs and was so wild-eyed – probably settled in a bit now.

Being so near, I’ve got a clear look, and this new kitt doesn’t look so big as we remembered. I wondered if there was another white cat, a large male roaming about – but the tail definitely looks about right. I hope it was the lighting at our first meeting that misdirected us.

Anyway, seeing how relaxed the kitt is, I took the plunge and outraged the furry one’s modesty – I fiddled with the tail, which is bent and double-backed on itself toward the butt, and whe that didn’t work, lifted the legs.

Viola! It’s a B.O.Y!

And boy is he grubby. Who can blame him – he’s a pure white cat, and you know what Mum would say about wearing white.

At this time, btmao returned with kibble, and Cassie, who’s happily tailing her ‘mum’. We watched for a bit, but neither Cassie nor the boy were confrontational – good sign.

The boy GOBBLED… some of the kibble. He seemed hungry but stopped pretty quickly. We think he’s a still a bit confused. Here he is, lip-smacking from getting some grub.


He has bi-coloured eyes. And he reminds us of Snowy, a member of Foster Mum’s personal troop


So we decided to name the kitt after Snowy. So now he is Yuki, japanese for snow/courage. He’s got a long way to go if he wants to match Snowy’s heft, obviously.

Anyway, here’s a better look at Yuki-chan:

Of course we can’t leave Yuki to fend for himself – he must be robbed of mojo. His healthily swelling ‘grapes’ demand immediate attention.

We called V asap. btmao went home for a carrier as soon as V confirmed he could come collect Yuki in an hour.

While waiting for the carrier, I snapped more pics of Yuki and Cassie. And had some time to think.

Like this: Yuki is certainly not a local. We’d seen him sooner else. Given his pure white coat, and his bi-colour eyes, I wouldn’t put it beyond some irresponsible homo sapien to take a shine to the idea of “owning” such a cat. It was probably the coolness factor, the novelty was too appealing to ignore, and the unthinking idiot kittnapped Yuki from where ever. Of course, novelty fades, and the idiot who kittnapped him got tired, and lacking even the decency to put the poor kitt back, conveniently dumped him downstairs. Now, btmoa and I are fine with adding Yuki to the clannies’ roll in Area 1. However, what’s to say there won’t be a second, third or even fourth idiot who thinks like the first one who kittnapped Yuki here? Imagine the stress for Yuki, to be moved and dumped, what carousel nigtmare. He’s lucky this time – Cassie is friendly, and though he got a slight wound between the shoulder blades (prolly courtesy of Ian or Ivan), he’s in a friendly place. His next destination may not be so welcoming. btmao and I mulled over it.


Easy-loading. yuki took just a little nudge to go into the carrier. Before him however, Cassie checked out the facilities. She was duly evicted, and Yuki invited in of course.

But it seems like she’s wondering why she’s not getting membership privileges. All we can say, she don’t know the half of it.

We were done with mulling before V arrived. Foster mum concurred, and she is willing to take Yuki on. So there’s a change in plans, V will get Yuki his first vaccination shot tomorrow and cart him off to Foster Mum. We’ll of course, put Yuki up for adoption.


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